Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I had a dream last night that was unresolved when I woke up but was deeply philosophical in implications. This was one of those sorts of dreams where you are an observer but not a participant yet you know more than you should.

In the dream I was watching a near-future TV show where God and religion were being ridiculed in a "comedy roast" sort of way. The backdrop to the dream was that - somehow - God was scientically proven to exist as was the survival of the soul after death.

Important to note, though, that God was proven to be a presence yet take no active role in the Universe and that there was no ethical component to soul survival - Hitler is just as existing as Mother Theresa.

So, in effect, the structure of religious beliefs is proven yet the ethical underpinnings are removed. The "watchmaker" God.

How would society react to these proofs? I'm still trying to work out the implications. Ideas?

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