Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've been Tagged

OK, I see this is where you list 5 things no one knows about you and then "tag" 5 other people. I kind of already replied in Garretts blog but here goes again:

1. I have a 4th child somewhere in Toronto who is 27 whom I have never met and probably never will. I was a stupid teenager - 'nuff said.

2. I love West Side Story and get all emotional when Tony dies.

3. Briefly shook hands with Richard Nixon when he was on a quick trip to see a friend in the Keys in 1973.

4. Drove a 1974 Pinto for 3 years that had no floor! It had rotted out.

5. I actually relayed orders to nuclear bombers to launch and attack while in the USAF due to a computer glitch. 30 seconds later more or less the recall order came. Whoops.

Hmmm...what 5 folks could I tag. Well, there are several that have been absent from the VFP world (or at least my small corner of it) for a while and I'm not sure they'll even see this so here goes nothing:

Tom Cooper
Mike Stewart
Barry Lee
Jim Booth
Roi Ledford

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