Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fox Team 2008

By pure happenstance, I've recenly had the pleasure to write or otherwise chat with a lot of the folks who worked on VFP 8 and 9. It occurred to me that there's no single source of information on everyone, if anyone cares, so here's what I know:

  • YAG (Y. Alan Griver). Still doing good communities architect work at MS and part-time involved with VFP issues and Sedna. Still happily attached to Ms. Beth Massi, another VFP superstar and now working with VB at MS.
  • Gene Goldhammer. Happily retired in Las Vegas. Honestly, haven't seen or heard from him since 2005 DevCon.
  • Ken Levy. Very involved with VSX so much so that he doesn't return emails from his pals (hey Ken!).
  • Randy Brown. Still (willfully) unemployed. Engaged with a child due in June and official marriage in August.
  • Calvin Hsia. Deeply involved with VB.Net and LINQ and still posting great code at
  • Aleksey Tsingauz. The database code master is also involved with LINQ at MS and impressing everyone, as usual.
  • Richard Stanton. Kicking butt still in the VS world for MS and doing some work for Sedna.
  • Mike Stewart. Working for a startup and loving every minute of it. Still residing in Redmond with his wife.
  • Chandra Srinivasan. Formerly a VFP tester, now a developer in the Windows division. He's now married (since July 2007).
  • Garrett Fitzgerald. Gainfully employed in Maine where he resides with his family.
  • Greg Reichert. Employed in Memphis, TN, since last year. Lost his wife earlier this year (so sad). One of the best and most intuitive VFP coders I have ever met.
  • David Anderson. Still going strong as a partner in Alden Anderson, LLC. A gifted database man.
  • Jay Jones. The buildmaster for VFP9, now working as the same with Visual Studio.

Boy, it's fun to remember old times!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Starvin Marvin

Yep, that's me! Still unemployed after two months. Perhaps I have been too picky about what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be. I was in one interview track that lasted two months where my potential employer loved me but the client has a veto vote and ....ahem... exercised that vote.

As I said, maybe I'm being too picky. If I was willing to relocate, I'd have a job very shortly; I've turned down offers. But it doesn't seem fair to my kids to relocate as I've asked them to do so four times in the last seven years.

Things are tough for an old Fox hand. Oh well, I guess I'll have to soldier on.