Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Freaking Checkboxes....

Why on earth do checkboxes not have both readonly and enabled properties and have the same behavior as other input controls with these properties? This is retarded and really hurts consistent UI design.

Useful .Net stuff

Web work in .Net .....

I was deliberating between using a skin and a CSS for a control. The problem was that I needed to modify the behavior of a control and skins are only used, supposedly, for display properties. On a lark, I defined the behavior I wanted in my CSS file:


text-align: right;


And then in the .skin file I added to the skin definition:


To my surprise, this worked! The control, in this case a TextBox, inherited both the display attributes of the skin and the alignment behavior of the stylesheet.

Another tip for web newbies: Avoid the MS Sans Serif and Arial fonts. They only display well at 10pt and above size. Try Tahoma font, which looks great at 9pt and will save you about 15% or so of screen space.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Upcoming VFUG Article

I agreed to write an article about .Net for VFP folks. Lately, I've been working with ASP.Net and web stuff exclusively but I see a lot of "hooks" that I think will register with the Fox faithful. There are a lot of parallels and I don't see where anyone has drawn those similarities together. I'll do my best!