Saturday, September 27, 2008


There's a new game out called "Spore" by Electronic Arts. It was designed by Wil Wright, the designer of SimCity. In Spore, the player evolved a species from a single-celled organism to a pan-galactic empire interacting on-line with other player empires.

I don't own Spore. I'm afraid to buy Spore. Given my previous addictions to SimCity, Civilization, and Masters of Orion I am deathly afraid of the addictive nature of Spore.

Spore: Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Monday, September 22, 2008

VFP to .Net Armageddon

I cobbled up an article for VFUG about how Fox folks could apply legacy skills to web development in VS.Net I have to admit, though, that I could only get into the grossest points of the topic since it's a "mile-wide" topic and no single article does it justice.

Frankly, I'm not qualified to write a series of articles on all the particulars because I'm still figuring out a lot of it for myself. I'm heartened by my findings that my legacy skills as a Fox coder since 1986 are translateable but it'll take me years to become an authoritative source on the subject matter in totality.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a disconnect between early adopters of .Net from the VFP ranks and the rank and file. I'm not sure why. It may be that the general feeling is that the early adopters have it all figured out and are talking down to the VFP base. I know that's not the intent and I'm not trying to flame anyone.

Do we need a VFP to .Net bootcamp? I think so. Not some marketing BS or a con that glosses over topics but an honest to goodness Marine Corps style bootcamp? Hands-on, bring your laptops, share, explore, learn???

Some feedback, folks? I'd love to organize such an event but your valuable comments will help sway my decision.