Friday, November 21, 2008

Been A While

I've been coding my ass off. Plus, my wife accepted a new position about 5 weeks ago and she's now working 60 hours a week making my "free" time an exercise into being a more complete Mr. Mom along with my 40-50 hour a week work.

Some of you all are going to hate me but I've backed off of the VFP to .Net bootcamp idea because, in all honesty, the more I delve into this the less I see for an open-minded, dedicated, and professional developer to overcome. I'm sorry but it's just not that freaking hard what with the extensive online support forums and a learned approach.

I still hope to make the next MVP Global Summit as a guest of the lovely and brilliant Ms. Pountney...that's looking good! I can't wait to see old friends and co-workers. When I left MS 3 years ago I was suffering a lot of personal issues and I didn't believe I was being treated fairly by HR but I rarely held it against my team members (with one exception who is no longer with the company). For me it'll be will be great to see them all.

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