Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is It Really That Hard?

Another week with ADO.Net 2.0.

I'm finding that my experience in VFP apps is directly usable in my approach to the design and behavior of web forms. So, what doesn't seem obvious to co-workers insofar as look-and-feel and behavior is obvious to me. Then it's a matter of researching the framework and the .Net OOP model to see how to get it done. Folks I work with are much more familiar with .Net but it seems my approach is novel to them and, for the most part, admired.

I believe I'm pretty smart, but not exceptional in our community. I really think that if presented the right way, dyed-in-the-wool VFP developers would accept and thrive in the .Net environment. Oddly enough, it's the stuff that we take for granted and have the most experience with that drives traditional .Net developers nuts.


Tod McKenna said...

Gonzo, my experiences are similar. But not only for .NET, for RDBMS as well. VFP is great because it is data centric and OO. A VFP developer can jump into a .NET/SQL Server project and actually do quite well.

Gonzo said...

Yup. Just completed a data entry screen that was totally event-driven with dupe checking and the whole 9 yeards without breaking a sweat. The non-Fox folks were awed.