Monday, October 22, 2007


Initial reports on this SP were scary so I pounded the crap out of it last weekend. Honestly, I didn't run anything under Vista because I wanted to test the core stability of the bit and I had no Vista machine handy anyway.

My conclusion is that this service pack is fine to run with. The fixes the dev team made to issues far exceed my expectations insofar as some of these issues have been around for a long time.

Good job to the devs at MS!


Anonymous said...

what about bugs discussed on ?

1. the old VFP9 reporting bug where the toolbar was inoperative, that was fixed in SP1, is now back.

2. issues of Tooltips for headers and columns in grids not displaying.

3. the IDE problems in windows vista are still there...

4. ObjToClient() seems to be broken

5. help file Index misses items like ADDOBJECT, TYPE and others.

6. ???

I suppose SP2 suffers from lack of VFP Test World Headquarters

kind regards

Gonzo said...


Andrzej, I didn't say SP2 was bug-free. Just that it wasn't the meltdown some folks thought it was.

Tod McKenna said...


I'm with you for the most part. I've been pounding away with SP2 for a little while now on XP without any problems.

However, I have yet to do any development -- and only some light testing -- on Vista.

And, I really hope the VFP team won't be asking us to live with some of the issues we are seeing (the report toolbar bug is probably the worst one for me).

Anonymous said...

Extensive List of VFP Bugs Submitted

Submit VFP9 Bugs to Microsoft