Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Scene to Love as a Foxhead

So a co-worker came to me all in a panic about munging a huge table to convert "x" to "y" uising some arcane formula.

"No sweat", I said, and wrote a 9 line VFP program to do it in about 1/2 hour. Apparently, three .Net dweebs had been debating the approach for two weeks.

Visual FoxPro....there is no substitute.


Anonymous said...

Fox is great!!!
The only missing things are built in Web Server and Web Forms.
And I believe that this will happen.

Gonzo said...

You believe wrong, friend. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I needed an answer from the source and I received it. Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Why would you want web forms, anyway? They're about to be depreciated in one of the annual tsunamis of change that sweep across the dotNET shores. ;-)