Monday, July 17, 2006

OK....forget management ... let's talk Sedna

I never followed up to my previous post. Why? Mainly because I'm too busy practicing it to preach it. My main management philosophy is this:

Treat others with the respect and consideration they deserve. Enable those who work for you to use their talents as efficiently as possible without bureaucratic bullshit. End of story.

Pretty simple.


I dunno; I'd have thought by now that enough folks had gotten the discrete message that Sedna is not VFP 10 or even 9.5. And it's not. It is an add-on to VFP to leverage some cool new stuff in newer MS technologies.

One of the mantras of Sedna is not to crack open the VFP9 binaries because that introduces risk. Therefore, a lot of potential functionality is lost, however, this decision makes sense in terms of the strategic direction of VFP as far as MS is concerned.

For years we've all heard Fox is dead, right? And it never died. One of the reasons for the Sedna project name was the implications of an undead Artic princess.

And it still won't die no matter what MS does. I think at this point we have to realize that our use of VFP is independent of MS; if you haven't gotten the message that VFP is not important to MS after this length of time then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

H0nestly, MS is not abandoning the VFP developer, though. Take a close look at LINQ technologies.

We might have lost the battles ... but might win the war! LOL

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William Sanders said...

I had always viewed Sedna as NOT the VFP Version 10 - one of the major requirements for it was that it NEEDS the VFP 9 runtime modules. OK - so it wasn't out there in glaring red flashing letters - but so many ppl thought it was to be VFP V10.

Glad you caught it - It's NOT.

Mondo Regards [Bill]