Saturday, September 29, 2007

Testing 101

I peeked into the cube of our intern the other day and found him running a report where the font was too small to comfortably read. "Hey, good find", I told him. Where's the bug? I looked and the status was "Open".

"Why are you testing that?" I asked.
"I wanted to see if it worked", he replied.
"Is the bug open?"
"If you hit your hand with a hammer and haven't seen the doctor, is it still broken?", I said.
"Yes", in a small voice.

Testing truly is a structured and disciplined endeavor. We learn that everytime we let newbies loose.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why I was a No-Show at FoxForward

To put it simply, I'm on a very aggressive release schedule of a product for some law enforcement agencies. All vacation requests have been cancelled.

I had alerted management to FF months ago so, technically, I suppose I could have forced the issue but that would have been a bad signal to my workmates who are busting ass on this project. Also, my prepared topic was skirting client confidentiality since my firm had just rolled out a related product for acceptance testing.

I missed seeing Ed, Kevin, Garrett, and the rest, though.

Perhaps next year if Kevin is gracious enough to allow me to submit.